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Get all Asana invoices automatically

Vuala is a powerful no-code platform for automatically download on a daily basis invoices from your company suppliers like Asana and upload them to multiple destinations.

Prep 1: Connect Asana to Vuala

Follow our guide on how to connect Asana to Vuala, making sure you've set up both read and write permissions.

  1. Create a Vuala account
  2. Select Asana as one of your invoice suppliers
  3. Select a destination where you want to receive Asana invoices
  4. Enjoy :)


To set this up, you’ll need a Vuala account and a few invoices ready to be downloaded. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready for resting every end of month.

What is Asana?

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. It is often used for project management, task management, and team collaboration.

Here are some key features and aspects of Asana:

  1. Tasks: Users can create tasks, assign them to individuals, set due dates, and attach relevant files.
  2. Projects: Tasks can be grouped into projects, which can be viewed in various formats such as lists, boards (similar to Trello), timelines, and calendars.
  3. Workspaces: Workspaces contain projects and tasks and can be used to separate different parts of a business or different clients.
  4. Teams: Within workspaces, users can create teams to facilitate group collaboration.
  5. Timeline: A Gantt-chart style view where you can visualize how tasks fit together over time.
  6. Integrations: Asana offers integrations with many other software tools, allowing for more seamless workflows.
  7. Commenting and Notifications: Users can comment on tasks and projects, and notifications ensure that team members are kept up-to-date with changes and updates.

Founded by Dustin Moskovitz (a co-founder of Facebook) and Justin Rosenstein in 2008, Asana has become one of the leading tools in its domain. It aims to improve team collaboration and work management, reducing the need for email and other less efficient forms of communication for tracking work.


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