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How we turned our consultancy into a B2B SaaS Business

A Journey of Innovation and Adaptation

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Our first company, Kasio

From a career in top-tier companies like Pwc and Glovo, we decided to strike out on our own and create a CFO as a service consultancy called Kasio. And in our journey, we discovered that financial back-office operations were a universal thorn in the side of all companies, big or small.

December 2021
Road to efficiency

We had the challenge of keep growing with the same structural costs, so we deeply focused on efficiency by implementing technology in all our operations. We met Abdul and Shaik, two great human beings that took Kasio tech department to the next level. We coded some python scripts on top of Holded (our ERP) that were saving quite a lot of time to our accountants and we actually sold these scripts to our competitors. After that, we made three or four more technological implementations that allowed us to take on more clients without having to hire more people. With the same structural costs, we increased 4x the company revenue after 1 year.

Vuala team in Bangalore
Vuala team in Banglore 2
B2B SaaS first steps

In November 2022 we started developing a tech tool for Kasio that not only made us more efficient, but also our clients. The results were great so we decided to split the company and continue developing the tool apart from Kasio, putting innovation and efficiency at the forefront of business strategy. And that's how Vuala was born.


Vuala is a B2B SaaS that aims to automate the financial backoffice. Like Zapier, but for invoices.
At the moment we are focused on automatically extract all invoices of a company, read them and automatically upload them into their ERPs or the choosen endpoints, such as Google drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Slack, etc. We connect invoice suppliers with endpoints. We are now a team of 5 people, based in Barcelona and we are growing at a very fast pace. Our mission is to help SMEs, Big Entreprises and entrepreneurs to focus on their core value proposition, instead of wasting their time with menial admin tasks.

Vuala logo

We are really excited to see how this journey goes and help thousands of companies save time and money with our innovative business invoice solution. We believe that the future of the financial backoffice is digital and automated, and we will do our best to make Vuala the cornerstone of this change.

We want to thank all our users and investors who have trusted us and make all this possible. We are working hard every day to make sure that vuala is the best solution for your financial backoffice.

If you want to get in contact with us, you can do so in our website or send us an email at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thanks for your time and we are looking forward to hearing from you.