Why should I use vuala?

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Tired of manually sorting through stacks of invoices? Let us do the work for you. Introducing vuala, the ultimate solution for automating invoice extraction from digital platforms.

Automated invoice extraction, faster and easier

When it comes to invoice paperwork, it's no joke. The process of manually extracting invoices from digital platforms can be a real headache and a drain on resources. Luckily, there’s a better way: vuala software.

Vuala software provides automated invoice extraction, so companies can get their paperwork done faster and easier. It can automatically identify invoices from all the digital platforms, saving time and effort, and ensuring accuracy.

vuala wrkflow can be set in less tha a minute
vuala invoice workflow

The software also allows companies to keep track of their invoices more easily. It organizes them according to the date and quickly searches for a specific document. No more digging through piles of papers to find the right one.

Vuala software also ensures accuracy. It ensures that all the details, such as the name, amount, and date, are correct. This means that companies can avoid costly mistakes and save time by not having to double-check the invoices.

Finally, vuala software is an efficient way to store invoices. It stores all the invoices in a secure, cloud-based system, so companies can access them from any device. No more storing paper invoices in paper folders!

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Setting up vuala is very easy and fast

  1. Sign up here for free
  2. Select the platforms your company uses
  3. Click on Sync.
Quick Example
This is how Carlos, foca.club Co-founder, uses Vuala.

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