Why should I use vuala? ☝️

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TL;DR - Benefits for our users 🚀

It's never late to use Vuala. Here are the reasons why I believe your organization should use it starting today:

  1. Efficiency: Automatically receive all your invoices where you need them.
  2. Save money 💰: Maximize tax deductions on all your invoices. Users have saved € thousands thanks to Vuala.
  3. Time: Don't need to chase teammates to send their invoices.
  4. Time 2x: Be able to check your updated P&L before than anyone.
  5. Focus: you won't be asked to send invoices again.
  6. Stress free: No accountants burnout
  7. No surprises: There are no spikes in workload at the end of the month
  8. Result: Happier finance teams
Tired of manually sorting through stacks of invoices? Let us do the work for you. Introducing Vuala, the ultimate solution for automating invoice extraction from digital platforms.

Yes, yes. But... Who should use Vuala?

Easy. Do you have invoices in your email? Do you often ask for invoices to your teammates? Do you have invoices scattered among online portals? Does your accountant always ask you to send invoices?

In this case, Vuala is the tool for you.

Reminder of... What is Vuala? 🤔

Vuala is a tool that aims to automate all manual accounting tasks on top of the ERPs. Currently Vuala extracts invoices from emails and SaaS and automatically uploads them into your ERP (Holded, Quickbooks, Xero, Hubdoc, Inmatic, Pennylane, etc) or Google Drive.

Two new automation modules are coming soon:

  1. Know which invoices are pending to be paid and when and we help you easily pay them.
  2. Know which bank account movements are pending to be reconciled in real-time.

And... Why us?

Here I will explain you why you should choose our solution.

  • First of all, we cover 100% of the expense invoices received via company emails or online portals.
  • Secondly, we integrate with more than 7,000 invoice suppliers.
  • Super important, we provide the best customer support you can imagine. If you need an integration, no problem. You will have it integrated the same day.
  • We've been verified by Google as an Official Partner.

Our achievements 🏆

We are proud of that and we are happy to share it here.

  • 7,000 invoice suppliers integrated
  • 2M automated invoices
  • €56M tax deducted
  • 500+ happy teams using Vuala

Vuala in a flow chart

This flow represents the CORE value proposition of Vuala.

vuala wrkflow can be set in less tha a minute
vuala invoice workflow

Hope Vuala saves you valuable time and makes your team happier.

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