Fetch: privacy and security

Learn more about how Fetch can find invoices and receipts in your inbox and how we ensure your privacy and security.

Last Modified: May 2,2024

vuala can help you easily find invoices, straight from your inbox. In order to do so, we need to connect directly to your email account, which is not something we take lightly. This article outlines the security and privacy aspects of making this integration and ends with how to set up Fetch.

Our efforts to ensure the security of our infrastructure

The vuala platform and its external infrastructure are assessed periodically to ensure that the highest industry standards can be guaranteed at all times. This includes penetration tests and external assessments to identify any weaker area.


How do we guarantee compliance with Data security laws?

Only if explicit consent is provided, vuala may access user data for the purpose of enabling automatic email fetching. Communications are encrypted end to end and emails are parsed to fetch invoices but never read by the human eye.

We will not process personal data for a longer period than is necessary for fulfilling the purpose, and the customer’s data is never processed for any other purpose as set out in our Privacy Policy. For the scope of emails receipts finders, personal data might be parsed but not stored or retained on our servers.

Remember that to be able to enable the system, the vuala user must be signed in to their email account and must grant the authorisations requested by the email provider as they are necessary for the rendering of the Service.

What data are we retrieving from your inbox?

Just emails or attachments that match our strict criteria for invoices and receipts.

Are we storing your emails in our database?

No, we're not. The only thing we store in our database is the invoices that we find in your inbox.

Will my regular emails ever get in front of human eyes?

No, that won't happen. First of all, this would never be something we'd feel comfortable with, but it's also in direct violation with email providers' terms and conditions for integrations.

Can I revoke access to my inbox?

Yes, you can - at any time. You can revoke vuala's access to your inbox at any time by deleting the workflow.

Where can I report a security vulnerability I encountered?

In the odd case you do find a security vulnerability please report it to us here. We will handle incoming reports with the highest priority.

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