🛡️Security at Vuala: Your questions answered

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TL;DR - We understand your concerns about security and have compiled a comprehensive FAQ to address them.

Learn about how Vuala securely connects to your email and over 7,000 online portals. Discover what data we store, how we protect it, and the level of access we have to your accounts. Rest assured, all data is encrypted and stored with certified SOC 2 providers.

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Frequently asked questions.

Where is my data stored? Is it secure? 🔐

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All data (including invoices) is stored securely in the cloud with certified SOC 2 providers. All data is fully encrypted, both in transit and at rest.

Do you store invoices?

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Yes, your team’s invoices are stored securely with Vuala. You can see and manage them in your Vuala dashboard. If you wish to delete invoices after they have been forwarded, you can do so in the dashboard.

Regarding the email integration: What data do you store in your database?

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We use your email account provider (Google and Microsoft in this case), to establish your identity through a secure standard known as oAuth2. We securely store tokens received from your provider to access emails from your account. Your email account credentials are not available to Vuala, nor do we ask for them.

What kind of access do you have to my email?

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We only ask for read-only access to your email account, so that we can find invoices. We cannot (and do not) send emails from your account, or otherwise interact with them.

What happens when I login to an online portal through Vuala?

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For some suppliers (for example Amazon Business), you can login through an oAuth flow, just like you would do to connect your email account. For other suppliers, you can login directly to their online portal through a secure isolated browser instance, managed by Vuala. That way, you don’t have to share credentials with us, ever!

What happens to my supplier credentials?

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We don’t store your credentials. When you login to our secure browser instance, you generate a short-lived session to let our AI agent get your invoices for you. Your session data never leaves this browser instance. If we get logged out, we will let you know in the dashboard. You are free to allow or deny the browser from storing credentials for a quicker login experience next time.

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