Vuala vs. Quickbooks, Xero & other ERPs

Why not automate accounting 100%? 🤝

Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, NetSuite, Pennylane, Wolters Kluwers, Holded, Quipu... These are accounting softwares that help SMEs manage their financial transactions and operations. They provide tools for invoicing, expense tracking, payroll management, and financial reporting.

And... why should I use Vuala then? 🤷

If you've worked with these software programs, you'll know there's always a section that says: 'upload your invoices'. Then you think:

🤔 💭 Okay, which invoices am I missing? Who has these invoices? Do I really have to go to all my suppliers portals and download all the invoices?

And then, as you haven't still discovered Vuala, you go to your 1,000 suppliers, manually download the invoices, ask your 50 colleagues to send you their invoices, and once you have them on your computer, you upload them to the accounting software.

With Vuala, this is automatic.

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Vuala invoices flow.
Vuala demo video.
❌ Limited ability to extract invoices from email; unable to connect as many emails as needed
❌ Doesn't have connections with invoice suppliers
❌ No WhatsApp integration for sending tickets and quick payment receipts to accounting software.
❌ Does not automatically identify missing invoices from suppliers.
❌ Lacks a feature to track pending invoice payments and due dates automatically.
✔️ Extract all invoices from your email, regardless of whether they have been paid or not, and regardless of the payment method.
✔️ Connect all your suppliers who send invoices to your email, regardless of the payment method.
✔️ Send all your tickets and quick payment receipts via WhatsApp to your accounting software
✔️ Identify which suppliers have not sent you the invoice
✔️ Identify which invoices are pending payment and when

What else can I do with Vuala?

We aim to automate all manual tasks above ERPs thanks to AI. In a fast pace, we are adding more modules to our SaaS that will allow 100% automation of accounting.

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