Amazon Business

Extract invoices from all your company purchases on Amazon Business.

Integrating Vuala with Amazon Business

Vuala automates the extraction of invoices from all your purchases made on Amazon Business, saving you time and simplifying your workflow. Forget about this manual processes and focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

What invoices do we get?

We automatically download all invoices so you can justify any Amazon bank transaction.


All invoices are fully encrypted on our servers 🔒. We regularly clean our servers so that no information can be compromised, even though it is 100% encrypted following the strictest cybersecurity protocols in the market.

See some testimonials:

“Vuala's integration with Amazon Business has revolutionized our invoicing process. Not only does it effortlessly extract invoices, but it also seamlessly sends them directly to Xero. This automation has significantly streamlined our workflow, saving us valuable time and ensuring accuracy in our financial records. Vuala is truly a game-changer!”
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