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Automate the extraction of invoices received in your email

What to expect from our Gmail integration

The integration with Gmail is by far the most used by our users. It consists of connecting the emails of company employees who receive invoices. This way, Vuala, following the protocols set by Google and undergoing extensive security verification, finds and downloads the invoices.

What invoices does Vuala download?

When the user connects their email, we offer the option to download invoices from the last 90 days, last 30 days, or only invoices from now on.

Usually, users request the last 90 days, as they haven't sent many invoices to their accountant recently 😄

How often is the connection updated? 🔄

The connection is updated 4 times a day, meaning every 6 hours since it was connected.

What happens if I receive invoices from different companies to the same email?

No problem! Vuala lets you apply filters to keep everything neat and tidy.

What problems might I encounter? 🤔

It's not common, but we've encountered several users who have connected the same email twice, or where multiple people with their email connected have received the same invoice. In this case, our algorithm tries to avoid duplicates, but for various reasons, we have a 2-3% chance of failing in the duplicate check. Just to inform you.

On the other hand, our algorithm detects invoices, but it could be that in some cases, due to the high similarity, a proforma invoice may have slipped through.

Lastly, it's possible that you may not find an invoice that you received on the same day. Every end of week, we perform a second check to make sure no invoices slipped through the cracks.

Let's keep helping users!

“I'm in love with this integration. We've connected 10 emails, and thanks to Vuala, we receive approximately 600 invoices per month automatically in Holded.” Carlos from Buo

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